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Are You a Shark or Fish in The Real Money Poker Game?

Every poker player like to think themselves as the poker shark, but it really takes commitment to get to that level of play. Most of the players are just fish. So let’s see in this online poker real money game which one are you?

Shark in the game

A poker shark not only understands the ratios and risks of combinations, but they also study their opponents and detects the patterns and physical tells they have. They strategize. They are in the game to win it and not small battles. A shark will fold a good hand with a short stack at the beginning of the game as they don’t have a monster hand that will guarantee their survival. They will wait and just let time pass until it is the right time to strike.

Fish in the game

A poker fish isn’t only a beginner, it’s an amateur player. Sometimes the amateurs are the players who have played the game on a weekly basis for a decade or more. You can spot them as they communicate immediately their strategy and style.  It isn’t that you have to learn the tells, they are an open book.  They approach the game as if it is based on luck, more than skill.  They wait for a perfect hand to be delivered to them. Their betting style has three possibilities: all-in with a monster, all-in as a bluff or small conservative bet to stay in the running.

Change the game

To change you have to play, read and talk and study.  Real money poker is not a game of chance, but a game of skill, style and strategy. When you first start playing this game, you obviously have none of these three.  The best thing you can do is to get a wide variety of experience with different games under your belt. Reading about poker is not to be underestimated. There are many professional players who write about the game with good reason.

Have a strategy

You can never play poker online real money game and win it, if you don’t have a proper strategy.  You should have a new or modified strategy as playing without a plan is like going to the fish without a net. A player with a strategy at hand can use it anytime when he needs it.  Having a strategy is not enough, you should also create a custom strategy instead of making use of the standard ones already developed by famous players.

When developing or modifying strategies, it is important to consider your weaknesses and strengths as they give you he most ideal and compatible strategy. Being a shark on the table requires being able to detect the strategies of your opponents and also grouping the opponents into their corresponding classes.  For example, trickster, controlling, erratic and wild players have their different strategies and beating them can be difficult for particular reasons.

The trickster and wild strategies are not different from each other. Both call or raise when they have nothing and don’t often show bad hands. A controller is an aggressive player who always intimidates his opponents. He shows no mercy when maintaining control on the table.

It is very difficult to predict the erratic players as they always use different styles.  Being unpredictable player can contribute significantly to your success at the poker table.