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Different types of poker players

There are different poker players and if you play often you will encounter most of them.  The loose passive poker players get involved in every hand with weak cards.  They think that any card combination can win and should be played, that’s the loose play.  Loose passive player is just passive. Those players decide to play poker online real money with any hand but they paly rarely with any aggression. They hardly raise despite calling most of the time. These players play too aggressively with weak hands and cautiously with good hands.

Poker Personalities and Their Playing Styles

The loose aggressive players also get involved in lot of hands. They are polar opposite of loose passive players  as they raise   as often as possible with nothing to go on.  They bluff most of the time and they may also hit you hard in the short term. You will be glad to have these kind of players at the table.

The tight kind of players whether passive or aggressive tend to get involved in online poker real money game with strong cards. It is said that tight passive players are easy to bluff and as they play good hands, fairly predictable. The way you should deal with these players is simple- back off when they are playing with aggression.

The only type of poker player you should be is tight aggressive. These type of players you will want to be after you had a run of bad luck playing any other three styles. They make the right decisions. They tend to get involved with the strongest cards only but when they get involved they play aggressively so they are really difficult to bluff.  They raise, check-raise and force others. They build up a good pot. If you are not a tight aggressive player, then you need to become as you will be the one you decide to play.

When it comes to handle different styles of play- aggressive to passive, loose to tight, a whole range of strategies can serve you. The best strategy for loose aggressive players is biding of time.  They tend to trip themselves up with eager play, bidding too much with cards that have a little value. Often bluffing presents, a risky proposition but it may be a judgement call if your cards are marginal and you are doing a good job of managing the old bankroll.

On the other hand, tight passive players can be bluffed easily. When they are aggressive and its rare you know they are likely to have a strong hand, backing off is a good idea.  You can steadily wear away at the players who by nature pass many opportunities to cash in on strong hands.

No matter what type of player you are up against, you should always concentrate on playing aggressive and tight poker. Don’t give your real money in poker when you are making bluffs but to fight when you know your cards are good.  Tight aggressive play is the only method that bring in results in the long run.