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Different Types Of Poker Tournament Formats

Poker tournaments are a series of events or tourneys that takes place over several consecutive days.  They are structured differently. They offer big cash prizes for a relatively small investment. It makes them popular among the poker players globally. These are the events where the poker players compete to win every chip in the game.  In order to enter a tournament, the players have to buy an entry ticket and pay a fixed buy-in and in return receives a pre-defined specific quantity of poker chips to play in the tournament. The tournaments not only run in casinos or poker rooms but you can also play poker online sites. The different games appeal to the dynamic needs of the players and you can find a format fitting to the playing style.

Freeze-Out Poker Tournaments

It is one of the most popular and oldest formats of online poker online games. Here when a player loses his chips, he is out of the tournament. Some of the renowned tournaments like the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker follow this format. Most of the online sites run this convention format of the game. You just have to pay a fixed amount or buy-in to enter the tournament and then you are provided with a stack of chips to play the tournament. If you lose all chips, you are eliminated from the tournament. So the players once eliminated cannot buy in again any time.

Re-Buy Poker Tournaments

Re-buy tournaments have made its spot in the poker industry.  Usually, these have a specified time period at the start of the tournament in which the players can re-buy chips if they are out of chips to continue playing in the game. The re-buy is same as the buy-in amount.  After a player opts to re-buy, he gets another set of starting chips.  If the time for re-buy ends, the players cannot opt for it and the tourney continues in freeze-out format. Due to the essence of re-buy, these tournaments rack up a higher prize pool than freeze-out tournaments. There are two types: Limited re-buy (the players can re-buy only certain number of times) and Unlimited re-buy (the players can re-buy as many times as they like until the re-buy period is over).

Re-Entry Poker Tournaments

These re-entry tournaments are a new trendsetter in the poker world. This format allows the players to re-register for the same tournament even after they have been busted out providing them with another chance to take down the event. So the players can re-enter the tournament as many times as they want especially if the game allows late registration (it is pre-defined before the start of the tournament). The maximum times a player can re-enter but that depends from tournament to tournament. After you have reached the re-entry limit, you can’t re-enter despite the availability of late registration. After the late registration period is over and the re-entry limits are available, you cannot re-enter after being knocked out of the tournament.