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How you can make poker as part-time income source

Poker is not only limited to entertainment but can also be a great source of income. There are many players in India who know how to play poker and utilize their skills and knowledge to make money.  They also play because of recognition and fame in the poker world and to stand out from the rest.

Due to easy accessibility and availability of online gaming platforms, the poker enthusiasts can enjoy playing the game with real money at home, workplace or while travelling.  As the demand for online games is growing rapidly, the gaming portals have started offering great rewards and bonuses to attract maximum players. The thrill and enjoyment of playing the favorite game and increase their bankroll prompting poker players to participate in online cash games and tournaments. Many professional players started by playing as a recreational activity and now they are successfully making a considerable amount of money by playing the game offline and online. Here are some questions the newbies who are keen to take up poker as full time or part time profession wants answered :

How to learn poker

  • Start playing on different platforms to earn real time experience of poker tables. Play cash tournaments and games where you can get the utmost knowledge of the formats, blind, buy-ins and prize structure.
  • You can opt for professional coaching and get valuable insights from established poker players.
  • You can follow blogs, forums, videos about poker. Share your gaming experiences with other players. It will help you to analyze your mistakes and find the best way to deal with them. You can learn new techniques when to bluff, how to deal with bad beats, when to raise or fold etc.

How to improve your game?

When you start playing the game professionally, self-evaluation is necessary. A player needs to keep honest record on regular basis. Like other job, you need to evaluate the performance and keep a track on your wins, mistakes, losses and overall results.  Consistent learning is the key to overcome the losses and maximize winnings.

How bankroll is important in poker

As a professional poker player, you need to manage a proper bankroll smartly to support your game.  Bankroll is the amount that a player keeps exclusively to play the game. Poker is not only about winning. There are many situations where the player suffers losses and needs a backup to keep him afloat. The bankroll should be maintained according to the type of game, buy-in, stakes, game style, situation etc. The bankroll should be determined by the amount you can afford to lose on the table and will not affect your finances negatively.

Important mental attribute a player should possess

A poker player should have control over emotions.  You should know how to keep the thoughts to yourself, how to react and handle the situation when you get a bad beat or suffer prolonged downswings. The sudden reaction can change the whole game. So try to think and behave rationally is important when playing a poker game professionally.