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Key Traits To Become An Effective Poker Player

Do you think you possess what it takes to be a successful player in poker? Every Poker Player needs to possess some traits and know how to play poker to emerge as an effective player. These traits are almost the same as cash game players and tournament players. So, here are 7 key traits that you should bring to play to be an effective player.


Every player should concentrate and set his sight on the game. If you are playing live poker at a casino, the players should focus on the game instead of watching TV or checking out someone. Online players should not talk on their phone when playing poker. Being focused directs poker players to give their best shot in the game.


Every effective player should be goal-oriented to emerge as a winning player. The players should keep track of every detail and deadlines to make better use of time and money.  When following this approach, a resourceful player should take the lead by demonstrating the abilities and bluffing when necessary. However, an avid player should not be the follower and should not let the opponents control the action at the table.


Intelligence in poker is also related to the mathematical aspect of the game. Many players are good in maths compared to others but the implicit probabilities remain the same for all. The players should practice their game to strive and come on strong and against the odds. They should also view their loss in the game as an opportunity to enhance their skills.


You must have heard that leading in tough times is worthwhile.  Similarly, an effective player who go full-blown life tilt after a bad beat and end up losing more than winning. So being mentally strong and tough helps a player to overcome bad beat calmly ad perform when things go wrong.


Discipline is what keeps the players under control and act with decorum. It directs a player to follow a convention play so road blocking their mind to divert in a wrong play.  The players who are disciplined know what to do when to do and how to do acknowledging the rules of the game.

Balanced life

Many aspiring players who take up poker as a full-time career do not treat it as a reliable and definite job.  If recreational player intents to go pro, he not only has to play willingly but also forcefully to earn a livelihood. As a pro player, a person has to live and breathe player but with the right balance. You should keep a balance between your personal life and poker life by maintaining the relationships and social life outside of poker.  It is difficult to manage both and all you need to do is outplay poker and don’t let poker outplay you.


Fearlessness relates to the strength of a player. A player is considered fearless if he doesn’t let the fear overcome their decisions.  You should know that fearful players are also called sitting duck in poker. It is not because they hold on to their patience waiting for the right cards to fall but of the incapability to take the right decision on time.  The players should make the bold moves when the time is right fearlessly instead of thinking about the money they may lose, how silly they make look etc.