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Poker Etiquette Every Player Should Follow

There may be no rules written on poker and it might seem like they are there only to be broken. But you should pay attention to most of them to avoid getting yourself in a bad name. Many players think that because they are sitting behind a computer or have a big stack it gives them a free license to do as they please.

But that’s not the case and there are some considerations that every player should be aware of before they sit to play real money poker. Here Are 5 Poker Etiquette Tips:

Try Best To Act Polite

Try to treat other players the way you would like to be treated. Watching the likes of Tony G and Phil Hellmuth bad mouthing his opponents can seem like harmless fun. But if you act like this way then you may get yourself get backlisted. Do you really want that?

Don’t Play Out Of Turn

Many players may forgive this occasionally but repeated offences can cause not only irritation and ill-feeling, but serious problems for other players. Sometimes you may not have the best seat at the table and distractions around may not help, focus on the action at hand, channel your inner concentration and wait for your turn. Remember you are playing online poker for real money.

Treat The Dealer With Respect

They are professionals that do their best and make sure that your game goes smoothly and dealing with 7-2 off suit five times in a row, it isn’t their fault. If they really had any control over it, then they would be living the high roller life like Dan Bilzerian. So don’t take it out on them. No player ever won a big pot after abusing the dealer.

Don’t Splash The Pot

You might be a frustrated or a high roller player, but splashing the pot is a big no. It is not only rude to the dealer and other players as well.  It can lead to accusations of cheating.  If you throw your money or chips into an already big pot, no one will know how much exactly you have paid into it.  So it’s better you don’t do it.

Be Professional

This is not golf but a game where you can make a lot of money. You obviously don’t want to lose an opportunity to make yourself look good.  It’s not only about drinking and talking crazy. Think about televised events, how you want the world to see you.  It is also a chance for strategy, use your mask or costume and can control every aspect of another player’s perception.

There are lots of do’s and don’ts when it’s about to play poker online for real money. Hundreds of thousands of players play poker with their own intentions.  Don’t bring trash to someone else table as poker might be their livelihood or their means of entertainment. Treat them just the way you would want to be treated in terms of poker etiquette.